Hummer DLX

Jump high and land with style! Hummer DLX is a thrilling off-road racing game utilizing GM’s HUMMER. Gigantic ramps, various courses packed with tough obstacles are designed to show the optimum ruggedness of the Hummer. Players can expect heated battles by destroying obstacles throughout the course and passing rivals with large jumps.

The motion simulator cabinet is linkable from 2 to 4 cars or operates as a single 2 driver game using the “Driver Changing System”. With the “Driver Changing System”, players can enjoy fun, co-op play with 2 players with the driver changing according to the timing of the check points and any contact made with other cars. The suspense of not knowing which driver’s turn it is going to be provides enhanced excitement and a review of the teamwork is posted after the race.

Pass your rivals at top speed with full BOOST! Fill up the Boost gauge by destroying obstacles, and press the boost button when the gauge is full for maximum power.

Players can choose between Race Mode where they race with rivals and a total of 20 cars, and the Time Attack Mode where the player races alone for the best time. For added variety, there are 6 tuned Hummers and 4 types of courses to choose from; Bluster Canyon for beginners, Isolated Jungle for the intermediate, Calibou Valley for the advanced, and Industrial Hill for pros. The eye catching cabinets create three-dimensional and grandeur motion, enhancing realism of the experience!

Features: Motion simulator cabinet, 40” LCD monitor, 2 Game modes (Race Mode or Time Attack Mode), 6 Hummers to choose from, 4 courses to choose from, linkable up to 4 units

Dims and weight: 108" L x 183" W x 91" H @ 1,632 lbs