Ride through city streets to be the “King” of Harley Davidson! In King of Harley, the player rides their favorite motorcycle and joins a race started by the mysterious main character, the “KING”. The player will then be challenged to pass numerous rivals and reach the goal within the time limit. When all rounds are cleared, a certain amount of points are scored, and the player obtains a battle certificate into the Final Round Challenge. Finish off the game strong with a victory over the “KING”!

There are 2 play modes to choose from: Story Mode and Tournament Mode. In the Story Mode, players battle against rivals in each round, and if they finish the race before the rival within the time limit, they will then move onto the next round. Even if the player does not reach the goal, they can move onto the next round when they continue, and in the final round, the player will battle against the ultimate rival, the "KING”. With their victory, their name will be advertised on the screen as the new "KING". In the Tournament Mode, 4 players battle all 5 rounds and compete for the highest points gained after each round. The player with the highest points at the end of all rounds will become the new "KING".

Players will never get bored with the array of motorcycles to choose from. Not limiting to Harley fans, the selection accommodates all types of players with motorcycles ranging from vintage models to the latest! Some include the standard type, FLSTF Fat Boy, the racer type XL 1200L Sportster 1200 Low, the explosive type 1936 El Knucklehead and much more! Fly through any of the 8 courses including the Shoreline Cruise, Airport Sprint, and Downtown Drive while rocking out to classic rock tunes of the ‘70’s.

Players can take advantage of the “Super Accel” to race with top speed and power! The Accel Gage fills up when collecting the circle coins placed throughout the courses. Once the gauge is full, use the "Super Accel" by quickly turning the accel twice for increased speed.

Features: Motion simulator cabinet, linkable up to 4 units, 8 courses to choose from, 11 Harley motorcycles to choose from, classic 70’s rock tunes, 56” DLP screen

Dims and weight: 95" L x 61" W x 90" H @ 862 lbs.

King of Harley DLX